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Our Vision
To achieve high standerds in the field of value based education. The Vision of Godai Education Trust is to establish educational institution and other activities that would offer dominant, career oriented comprehensive education combined with humanistic, scientific and social learning.
We visualize the advice of Swami Vivekananda, to educate our students to build character, mental strength and confidence to stand on their own legs. We will mobilize all resources and do everything that will help to build a team of dedicated teachers and students. We envisage providing our nation the best assets in the form of human resources.
Our Mission
To provide topnotch education, integrated with values, affordable to all with futuristic state - of- the - art infrastructure, and to profess the students confidence and enlarge creativity. To develop globally competent technical human resource empowered with knowledge, skills and attitude that will contribute to the growth of the society at large.
To be an institution of excellence in higher education that continually responds to the changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge, towards creating a people-centered and ecologically sustainable society that promotes and protects the dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all, with special emphasis on marginalized and vulnerable groups.

NCTE Mandatory Disclosure

Information AsPer NCTE Manadatory Disclosure Format

Sr.No.   Details Details

Details of the institution

  1.1 Name of the Institution: Late Uttamrao Deshmukh College
  1.2 Date of Establishment: July 2008
  1.3 Complete postal address: Near Railway Station, Shegaon, Dist. Buldana. Pin 444203 Maharashtra
  1.4 Phone (with STD code): 07265-254616 (Off) 09422882718 (Mob)
  1.5 Fax Nil
  1.6 E-mail: deshmukh_08005_shegaon@yahoo. com
  1.7 Website Address:
  1.8 Nearest Railway Station: Shegaon
  1.9 Nearest Town: Akola
  1.10 Type of Institution (Boys/Girls/Co-Education): Co-Education
  1.11 Status of Institution (Minority/Non-Minority): Non-Minority


  2.1 Government owned: No
  2.2 Govt.aided: No
  2.3 Self-financed: Yes
  2.4 University Department: No
  2.5 Any other (please specify): No

Details of the course applied for

  3.1 Level of the Course Under Graduation
  3.2 Name of the Teacher Education Course B.Ed.
  3.3 Duration of the Course One Year
  3.3 Whether to be conducted in face to face or distance mode Face to face
  3.4 Proposed Intake 100 (One Hundred)
  3.5 Academic Session from which the course will be conducted July in every session

Details of the Affiliating Body

    Name Sant Gadge Baba Amravati Uneversity, Amravati
    Address/Tel/Fax No Uneversity Campus, Near Nagpur Highway


  4.1 Land Identification (Plot/Khasra No.) Seet 13B: Plot No. 12,18/2,23,24/1,26/2,36/2,36/3,37,40, ServayNo.413: 27
  4.2 Land Area in sq mt.
  4.2 Whether the Title of the land is on Ownership basis Lease
  4.3 Title of the land is on lease as per law Yes
  4.4 Duration of the lease 30 year
  4.5 Land Use Certificate obtained for Educational Institution Yes

Manpower (Photographs of Teaching Faculty should be displayed)

  5.1 Details of proposed/appointed teaching staff Attached Annexure - 1
  5.2 Details of proposed/appointed non-teaching staff Attached Annexure - 2


  6.1 Construction of the building is complete Completed as per requirment
  6.2 Building is yet to be constructed No
  6.3 Building is fire safety-proof Yes
  6.4 Building is disabled friendly Yes
  6.5 Common room for boys/girls available Yes
  6.6 Date of completion of the Building Completed befor the yera 2011
  6.7 Covered Area in sq mt. 1800sq. mt.
  6.8 Number of classrooms 24 rooms.


  7.1 The Library has separate reference section/ Journals section and reading room Yes
  7.2 Number of books in the library Above 5000
  7.3 Total number of educational journals/periodicals being subscribed 32
  7.4 Number of encyclopedias available in the library 10
  7.5 Number of books available in the reference section of the library 450
  7.6 Seating capacity of the reading room of the library 50

Instructional Facilities

  8.1 Details of laboratories available(pl attach annexure) Science Lab & Technalogy Lab.
  8.2 Arrangement made for practice teaching Yes
  8.3 Number and Name of school(s) for practice teaching 5 Numbers, Parijat Mahavidyalaya,Mansgaon Shri.Gajanan Maharaj Mahavidyalaya, Chincholi, Maharashtra Mahavidyalaya, Janori, Indira Gandi Munsipal Highscool, Shegaon , Mahatma Pule Mahavidyalaya, Shegaon.

Facilities for games & sports

  9.1 Own Playground NO
  9.2 Playground of another institution on sharing basis Yes
  9.3 Gymnasium/Multipurpose hall No
  9.4 Facilities for gymnasium No
  9.5 Facilities for athletics No
  9.6 Facilities for Indoor Games Yes
  9.7 Facilities for Outdoor Games Yes

Other facilities available

  10.1 Canteen facilities available or not Yes
  10.2 Medical facilities available or not First aid avilabale
  10.3 Hostel facilities available or not No